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A little cartoon boy eating healthy cereal. Join the Energy Express
Eating healthy foods can give you energy to do the things you like to do! Making nutritious choices is something easy to do every day. Here's how...
Parent Tips
  • Remind your kids that not only is healthy eating and activity good for them - but it helps them do the everyday things they love to do... and do them better!
  • According to the 2005 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, "occasional foods" should not play a large role in your child's healthy diet.
  • Get moving with your family! Try setting up your own real-life Backyard Olympics at home.
  • Promote children's good kitchen safety habits with this fun kitchen safety patrol badge!
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Healthy Eating
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Food Safety at Home
Join the Energy Express Parent Tips
Be Smart: Eat Smart! Healthy Foods - Choose A Variety! Get Out and Have Fun! Stay Safe in the Kitchen
Stay Safe in the Kitchen!
  • Your family can keep food safe with these Four Simple Steps:
  • - Clean
  • - Separate
  • - Cook
  • - Chill
  • Keep sharp knives away from younger children.
  • Keep hot pots on back burners.
Printable Activities

For more information, visit CDC's  Ounce of Prevention Campaign  and LYSOL's ®  Germ Information Center.
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